FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSGet Answers to Common REx-PN Questions

REx-PN Exam Development

What steps are taken to develop and review items for the REx-PN?
What is the REx-PN development cycle?
How do NCSBN and regulators ensure the exam content reflects Canadian practice?
What is the process used to translate REx-PN items into French?
Does the practice analysis include nurses from all jurisdictions using the REx-PN?
Does the practice analysis capture information regarding nursing specialties?
Can you explain more about the panel processes including representation, qualification requirements and the recruitment process for entry-level nurses?
What types of questions will be on the REx-PN, and how often will candidates get each type?
Will candidates have access to a calculator during the exam?
Will there be a default practice setting for the questions?
How much time will a candidate have to answer each question?
In addition to the questions that count toward a candidate’s score, will there be “pretest” questions as well?
How will candidates receive their results?

How the REx-PN Works

Can a candidate skip questions?

Preparing Students for the REx-PN

What can nursing schools do to prepare for the REx-PN exam? Is there anything educators can do to assist students?

Taking the REx-PN

How do I register for the REx-PN?
Do I have to take the REx-PN at a test center in British Columbia or Ontario?
I have registered for the REx-PN, when will I receive my Authorization to Test Email?
May I get a refund for any REx-PN fees?
What forms of identification are accepted at the test center?
Will I lose my REx-PN registration fee if I cannot cancel my appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time?
What COVID-19 precautions/policies are in place at test centers?
What reference materials are available in French?

What the Exams Looks Like

Does REx-PN use generic and trade names on items with medications?
Which units of measurement will be used with lab values on the REx-PN exam?
Will the REx-PN exam include Calculation items?
How do you keep up with current practice with questions in the pool and how often are they reviewed?