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Frequently Asked Questions Get Answers to Common REx-PN Questions

FAQ Topics

Creating the REx-PN

What steps are taken to develop and review items for the REx-PN?
What is the REx-PN development cycle?
How do NCSBN and regulators ensure the exam content reflects Canadian practice?
What is the process used to translate REx-PN items into French?
Does the practice analysis include nurses from all jurisdictions using the REx-PN?
Does the practice analysis capture information regarding nursing specialties?
Can you explain more about the panel processes including representation, qualification requirements and the recruitment process for entry-level nurses?
What types of questions will be on the REx-PN, and how often will candidates get each type?
Will candidates have access to a calculator during the exam?
Will there be a default practice setting for the questions?
How much time will a candidate have to answer each question?
In addition to the questions that count toward a candidate’s score, will there be “pretest” questions as well?
How will candidates receive their results?

REx-PN Practice Exam

If I pass the REx-PN Practice Exam, will I pass the REx-PN exam?
What should I do if I experience technical issues?
How long will I be able to access my exam?
Why can't I go back and review the previous questions?
If I feel that the practice exam did not help me prepare for the REx-PN exam, can I get a refund?
How is the REx-PN Practice Exam scored?
Why doesn't my score report show me the questions I got right or wrong?
Can I access my REx-PN Practice Exam on a tablet (i.e. iPad) or mobile device?
Can I buy the REx-PN Practice Exam for my students?
Where can I access the REx-PN tutorial prior to my exam?