REx-PN Exam Preview Now Available
NCSBN has launched a new way to prepare for the REx-PN. The Exam Preview can be downloaded for free. That also means the REx-PN Practice Exam is no longer available. All previously purchased practice exams must be completed by June 19, 2023.

REx-PN PRACTICE EXAMPractice Today for Future Success

Prepare for the REx-PN

The REx-PN Practice Exam helps candidates prepare for the REx-PN by providing an exam similar to the one they'll take on test day. The practice exam is available in English and French.

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DISCLAIMER – Please note the following before you purchase the REx-PN Practice Exam, the REx-PN Practice Exam is non-refundable. The practice exam is strictly for the look and feel of the actual REx-PN. Your score on the REx-PN Practice Exam is not a predictor of whether you will pass or fail your actual REx-PN. Each exam will be available for a one-time use. Please allow enough time to take each practice exam, the clock will begin when you start each exam and will continue for 4 hours. Once you have started the exam, you will not be able to pause or stop the clock. The CAT-like experience will require you to answer each question before proceeding to the next question and will not allow you to go back to previous questions. NCSBN will not lease, rent, sell, or disclose any Personal Information or usage information about any User to third-parties.